Sonofresco makes it simple for you
to become your own roaster!
About SonofrescoCoffee Kinetics LLC, dba Sonofresco is a team of dedicated professionals passionate about coffee. Located in Burlington,WA – North of Seattle, Coffee Kinetics began manufacturing and marketing the Sonofresco Tabletop Coffee Roaster in 2000 with the objective of bringing coffee roasting to the retail level and providing customers with the best coffee experience possible. The art of coffee roasting has been demystified by incorporating an easy to use microprocessor to control the roasting process.

We sourced the finest specialty grade single origin green coffee beans available throughout the world for use with the Sonofresco tabletop coffee roaster and soon partnered with renowned coffee expert Kenneth Davids to develop a line of green coffee blends to meet a wide range of coffee needs from drip coffees to espresso drinks.

The name “Sonofresco” comes from Italian: “sono” meaning It is, and “fresco” meaning fresh. “It Is Fresh” – what everyone should know about the coffee they drink!

Made in the USA

Sonofresco Roasters are manufactured in the United States. Sonofresco takes pride in providing you the highest quality product, designed and built in the USA!


International Customers

For Australia and New Zealand inquiries, please contact:
Green Bean Coffee
For Taiwan and China inquiries, please contact:
Quality Coffee Co., Ltd.
For Scandinavian inquiries, please contact:
Jeagerwerken Coffee Roastery. Ltd.
For Greece inquires, please contact:
The Coffee Beans

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